Valinda Gbassa

Valinda Gbassa is a soul singer and songwriter that loves to sing gospel and inspirational songs. She is an American born African with a mother from Liberia and father from Sierra Leone.(Two neighboring countries in West Africa) Her five siblings were born in Africa too; which makes her first generation. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Reno, Nevada where she was very active and involved in the performing arts such as dance and theatre. She was raised in the church and started singing in the choir at the tender age of eight. It was there that her talent was realized and she began to write songs on her own as well. She had a passion for singing and songwriting, but also realized early on that she had a talent for fashion sketching and design. Later in life she found a love for fitness and is now leading a movement that includes all of the above. She started a company called VGC Fashion years ago and at that time it was just the name of her clothing line (Valinda Gbassa Couture) However it grew into so much more over time and became a multifaceted brand. Through this she was able to work with other women doing positive projects which promoted healthy self esteem. Valinda is determined to be a game changer and hopes to be influential and inspirational through her music, her brand and what she prays is to become her ministry.